Whole Wine Cork - Save the Date - 6

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Let us help you make a statement with your Save the Dates using our Save the Date whole corks.  In addition, save yourself some time and let us add the magnet or key chain for you with our Add-On option.

A few things to keep in mind:

-          These personalized wine corks are made from 100% real cork

-          We will print the words “Save the Date” unless you note otherwise. If you would like personalized text without “Save the Date”, please check out our personalized whole corks.

-          We suggest no more than 3-4 lines of text per side on the whole corks, although 2-3 lines is ideal

-          If you try to fit too much on one line, we may convert text to two lines

-          The corks are kept whole, not cut in half or sanded on the bottom for the magnet option

-          If you would like to add printing to the back or sides OR to use a font not shown, please go to the Build Your Own Whole Cork Option

-          Please visit our FAQs page if you have any questions