Please read through the FAQ section before contacting us as most questions can be answered below.

Where can I find reviews on your products?
If reviews have been posted, they will appear for each individual product on the site.  If you want to see more reviews, we also sell some of our products on the website Etsy to get added exposure. There you will find a large number of reviews on our products. I have provided the link to the review section: https://www.etsy.com/your/shops/CorkeyCreations/reviews?ref=shop_info

Order Status
It says my order is still pending, what is the status?
If you log into your account on the website, it will state the status of your order. If it states it is still pending, that means it hasn't shipped out yet. Once the order has shipped it will give you the tracking number. The tracking number will provide you with the ship date and the location of your order. We receive a large number of orders each day and in most cases the processing/ship time option that was purchased during check out is the time it will take to receive your order. If that time has passed and you still have not received your order, please let me know.

I haven't received notification that my order has shipped yet, how can I track my order?
The only way to track your order would be to log into your account and there you will find the status of your order and if it has shipped, it will give you a tracking number. The tracking number will provide you with the ship date and the location of your order.


If I place an order, what is the processing and ship time?
We offer 4 different processing/shipping options that range from 4 business days to 3 weeks (time estimates include production time). When you place your order online, you would purchase the option that works best for you. We do offer free shipping; however that option may take up to 3 weeks.

In some instances, the post office may keep your package for pick up, we cannot be held accountable if the package is not picked up in time and sent back to us.
If you are located outside the US, please allow 3-4 weeks or longer to receive your order unless you have purchased the rush option. Also, we cannot be held accountable for any delays in customs nor customs fees.

Do you offer shipping to Canada and what is the cost?
Yes, we offer shipping to Canada. The cost is $25USD. If you choose 'Canada' from the country drop-down menu the international rate will become available.

I live in a country outside of the US and Canada, do you offer international shipping?
We have an international shipping option for a handful of countries on our site. The price is $45USD for standard shipping and $65 for rush processing/express shipping. When you go to checkout and choose your country from the drop-down menu, the option should become available. If you get an error, that means we haven't set up automatic shipping to your country on the site. If you send an email to info@corkeycreations.com we can discuss details via email and get an order placed for you.

Why do you no longer offer free shipping?

Unfortunately the postal service continues to raise the shipping prices and they were just getting too expensive to continue to offer free shipping on all orders.  We do, however, offer a free shipping option with order over $75.

Do you offer price breaks for larger quantities?
We only offer price discounts on orders over 1,000. If you wish to purchase an order over 1,000, please contact us at info@corkeycreations.com and we can discuss details.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?
If you are interested in wholesale pricing, please email us at info@corkeycreations.com. Please note that we NOT interested in drop-ship opportunities. If you wish to purchase our products to sell in your store or online, you are welcome to do so.

Do you have any promo codes or discounts?
Every once in a while we will offer discount codes to our social media followers, so be sure to follow us on Facebook @corkeycreations1 and Instagram @corkeycreations. 

Custom and Personalized
Can I personalize the corks with a logo or our own design?
Yes, you can. The image must be black and white only with no color or grayscale. It must also be a jpeg or pdf set up to 1.25 inches wide and .75 inches tall. When placing your order online please note in the lettering box that you will email your artwork. Artwork can be sent to deidra@corkeycreations.com or uploaded to the order. Please keep in mind that small details will be hard to print, so if you have any questions regarding your artwork, please email Deidra@corkeycreations.com and we will take a look at it to make sure it will work.

If I want one of the custom designs shown on your site, do I have to pay the $15 set up fee?
You do not have to pay the set-up fee if you select one of the "custom" designs shown on the online order form. The set up fee is only for personalized lettering or artwork of your own you would like printed on the cork.

I didn't see how to choose the font for my personalized place card holders, how do I choose the font?
If you have a font in mind, you can note it in the special instructions area of the online order form. We have most of the standard Microsoft fonts. If you state you would like a font that we don't have, we will contact to you to work something out. If no font selection is noted we will choose the font that will look best with your lettering.

Will I see a proof of my personalized lettering before you process my order?
Because we receive so many orders, we can't automatically send a proof for everyone that purchases. If you would like to see a proof, please note that in the special instructions area of the online order form. If there is no proof requested we will process and send your order without a proof sent.

Can I get the corks left whole or without the slit?

Yes, corks can be purchased whole or without the slit. Please purchase from the "Whole Cork" options on the site.  

Are there examples of personalized corks I can look at?
Yes, you can take a look at the Photos link on our website to see examples of what other people have done and get inspiration for your own order.

Do you offer any design work if I want something other than just lettering?
Yes, if you are interested in any design work beyond lettering, we can help you with that. We do charge $25 per hour with a minimum of ½ hour. Please email us at info@corkeycreations.com if you wish to discuss design options.

Can we have a magnet glued to them?
Yes, if you would like a magnet you would purchase from the Whole Cork options and then at the end of the order form you would choose that you want to add the magnet or key-chain add-on.

I see the minimum quantity is 30, but I would like to customize my designs in sets of 20 (20 of one design, 20 of another, etc). How do I go about doing this?
Yes, this is possible to do as long as you order over 30 total. If you want less than 30 of each design, it works best if you place your order online and choose only one design. Then in the special instructions area write out which designs you would like and in what quantity.

Can I have each individual guest's names printed on the cork?
We do not offer this option as there would be a $15 set up fee for each individual name. We suggest printing your names, event date, logo, etc on the cork and using the place cards for the guest names.

How many letters and/or numbers fit on the cork for printing?
Fifteen or less letters/number per line seems to work best but a few more are find. This allows for a nice font size. The more letters/numbers, the smaller the font size. If a name or phrase is too long to fit on one line, we will put on two lines to allow for a readable font size.

Can I have a different color than black printed on the cork?
We have tested other print colors and find that black seems to look the best, so we only offer black.

Place Cards
Where should I send the guest list for my place card order?
Please email your list to guest_list@corkeycreations.com.

What format should I use to set up my guest list?
It works best if you set up the guest list as an Excel document. Please place the names as you would like them to appear on the cards in one column and the table numbers (or table names) in the second column. At times, the names may be too long to print on one line and we may need to print on two lines. If you think that may be a possibility, please put the name/names on two lines within the Excel document.

Are the place cards shipped as a sheet of cards or are they individual cards?
The cards are shipped as individual cards, not as a sheet.

If I want to have the names/table #'s printed on the place cards, is it a $15 fee per card or just a flat $15 set up fee?
The $15 set up fee is a onetime charge, it does not apply to every name.

Can I have table names printed on the place cards instead of table numbers?
Yes, this is very easy for us to do. When you send your guest list, just note that you would like a table name instead of table numbers and be sure to note if you would still like the word 'Table' in front of the table name. Please keep in mind that the space we have allotted for the table information is not very big, so please try to use smaller words if you plan on naming your tables.

Horizontal Place Card Holders
Can I get the corks completely blank, with no writing on them?
Yes, you can get the corks completely blank. Under each category there is a blank option listed.

Can I get only wine corks from a specified state or country?
The corks that we use are factory seconds from a cork supplier, meaning they were intended for bottling but have the smallest imperfections and can't be used to bottle. So our supply is 100% dependent on what corks are sent to us from the manufacturer. And because we can't we can't spend the time learning where every wine is from or spend the time sorting them out, there is no way to get corks from a certain area. You will just get what we have on hand at the time of purchase.

Can you send me a photo of what kind of variety you have for the horizontal wine cork place card holders?

Because our supply changes on a minute by minute basis, we do not send photos of what the variety may look like because the brands shown may not be the brands we have on hand at the time you purchase.

How can I get a quote on the items I am considering purchasing?
We suggest adding the items to the shopping cart as you intend to purchase, that ensures you will receive an accurate quote and also allows you the opportunity to play around with different options and quantities before making your final decision.

Can I place my order over the phone?
We only accept orders through the website. This way you will receive a confirmation email and also the ability to track your order through the site once it ships.

Do you have a phone number I can contact you at to discuss my questions?
We spend a large portion of the day away from the phone working on orders. We found it works better to email us at deidra@corkeycreations.com and we will get back to you as soon as we are able.

Can I request a different color ribbon other than the colors shown for the vertical place card holders or napkin rings?
The only ribbon colors available are the ones shown on the site. We do offer the option to purchase the vertical place card holder without the ribbon and then you have the option to purchase and tie the ribbons yourself.

Can the corks hold a table number or photo?
Yes, the corks can hold a 4x6 photo and a table number up to 7x5 made out of heavy cardstock. One rule of thumb is that sizes that are wider rather than taller work best. If they are too tall they may have a tendency to tip.

What size place cards work best with the corks?
A standard business card size works best, however a larger size such as 5x5 will work too.  We do offer place cards on our site and encourage you check out some of our new designs. 

We will be using these outside, do I need to worry about them blowing away?
Although we have not personally used them outdoors, we have had many customers tell us they have used them outside without any issues. We have also heard of customers placing them in a shallow dish of coffee beans or sand just to be sure.

Will a tented card fit in the cork?
Yes, we cut the slit just wide enough to fit a tented cork.

Do the place card holders need to be purchased in sets of 30 or is 30 just the minimum?
No, the place card holders do not need to purchased in multiples of 30, there is just a minimum purchase of 30.

Are the corks real cork or synthetic? Or made of a resin?
We pride ourselves in using only corks are 100% real cork, you won't find any of those synthetic or resin versions on our site.

Why should I purchase from you and not just try to make them myself?

It is truly frightening the number of people I have heard of that have tried to make these themselves and ended up in the ER instead needing stitches. We machine cut everything to ensure consistency and also safety for ourselves as trying to cut these at home can be extremely dangerous.  

If you didn't find your answer above, contact us through email at deidra@corkeycreations.com