About Us

It all started with a wine cork collection and a vision I had of a wine cork wreath. From there the list of items to make out of wine corks grew and so my idea of Corkey Creations. 

I've always had a creative gene and have enjoyed various craft projects as hobbies throughout my life. Corkey Creations has allowed me to combine two of my favorite things - wine and crafts! Everything you will find on this site is 100% hand made by me (well, at times I get a little help from my husband) and made with used or factory second wine corks - so what corks might have ended up in the trash are used in our items - doing our part to reduce waste. 

Also, having working in the wedding and special event industry a few year ago, I have especially loved all the conversations I have had with customers who have purchased our wine cork place card holders for their wedding or special event. Knowing that Corkey Creations has a part is someone's special day is truly a wonderful feeling. 

I continue to experiment with new ideas as often as I can. The latest being the custom printed wine cork place card holders, be sure to check them out and be sure to check back to see what else "Corkey" we have come up with.

Thanks! Deidra